Here are My Thoughts…
I just read PMC, and my friend Nicole shared with me recently. It’s sad that they only had a pool of six women to extract info and experiences from. And there was no mention of connected illnesses what so ever. Hmm…
I wish they (Dr’s/Scientists) would take time to find and understand the source/trauma. Heal us by effectively searching our minds/bodies instead of throwing medications at us for each and every symptom. This is only making things worse, and the meds are only a mere bandaid at best while bringing along their own set of problems/side effects. Avoidance of things like processed foods, unhealthy environments; IE, stressful, abusive, chemical, as well as getting allergy testing, because eating and/or breathing in these things we’re allergic to, adds to our cognitive dysfunction, our weight gain, and our excessive lack of energy. I’ve found that all of our Fibro journeys begin with trauma, whether it be physical, emotional, sexual, chemical, or viral (all of these cause trauma to our bodies). So they need to find and go to the source, working their way forward, instead of this ass backward method of pumping more meds down our throats and telling us that we’ll feel better. We really don’t! Most of the time, they are just masking the symptoms, treating them individually. Oh, and don’t forget the meds they give us to combat the other meds’ side effects! Really! Are you aware that there are some of us who are on a multitude of meds, upwards of 29 that I’ve heard of? 29? That’s just insane! Now I can’t just tell my friends/followers,
“Hey, you’re taking way too many meds! Why not get off of them and try a different route? One that means you can no longer eat whatever you want, so no processed foods = inexpensive, only organic = expensive; translating to even less money in your pocket, which is yet another sacrifice. And, that you will have to suffer a lil more first; only taking one or two meds now, which you will have to wean off of every so often and then back on, whenever they become less effective; to avoid an ever increasing dosage, before you will feel any improvement. That you will have to reopen old wounds (physical/mental), endure more poking/prodding of our brain, spine, etc., while all you really want to do, is continue to take your meds and eat your comfort foods, because thus far it’s your security blanket, and the only source of help (although minimal), that you’ve actually found some relief from.
And Opiates, that’s a whole other issue! Let’s add a very real and possibly deadly addiction to our ever growing list of ailments.”

Yeah, no one wants to hear that from me, a non-medical educated podcaster/blogger. Aside from my own study of medical journals, google, and personal research questions, all I can do is suggest, and hope that what I talk about, will resonate with some of my listeners/followers. Because I can only speak from experience… my own experiences. I still struggle as well, especially with depression, so it’s not like I’m some miracle worker who has found “the Cure.” I’m just one person, doing what I think is best for my body. I am still searching for the source of it all, although I have a very possible idea of it, and the hope that I will one day find an end to my pain… to all of our pain!
Ok, sorry for the rant. I’ve had an eventful day while still dealing with my continually added health issues. More news today. But, I’m staying as positive as someone like us can be and pushing forward. I’m finding it difficult to engage with anyone, on posts, etc., lately. I just don’t have the energy.
I wrote this on Mon 1/8, and I’m in even worse shape today. My BP is rising again, and I don’t need this stress. Staying healthy is hard work! Hugs 🦋
*PS – Theres further explanations in comments if you’re interested, as my dear friend Kim asked for a lil’ more insight.
You are not alone… and neither am I!
Love you all 💜💋MJ
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4 thoughts on “Here are My Thoughts…”

  1. My dear friend… I am trying to understand your argument? You do want to bee off meds? You do not? You are against narcotics for pain? I think we are all tired of seeking out answers where there have been no clinical trials yet. It is so aggravating! Also remember Fibromyalgia Syndrome was only legitimized October 1, 2015, as a REAL diagnostic disease. You also have many co-existing conditions… many more than I! So I don’t know the best way to handle the medication question or the allergies or the weight gain… we do not have the correct treatments yets, I know this for sure. I also am 100% behind any drug, supplement, diet, a person wants to try. Nothing should be taken off the table yet. We just do NOT KNOW enough about the TYPES of Fibromyalgia. Haven’t even scratched the surface on that one. There is so much more to learn, and you are an incredible advocate for invisible illnesses! xo-Kim

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    1. I’m against meds being the go to for each and every symptom. No one should be on 29 different meds, that’s just insane! Yes it was legitimized in 2015, but its been around for many decades. I’m just tired of it being referred to as the “trash can” diagnosis, that no one seems to want to take seriously. I think a great deal of our pain can be relieved if we could just get to the source, which is most likely our brain and spine, which is where most ongoing traumas occur. They definitely need more research and clinical trials involving the brain and spin. To pin point the changes that have occurred from our trauma, which would mean there has to be signs of alterations in our brain, and of course in our spines as well. The spine would be the easier of the two to explore and manipulate. Our brains I realize, are more difficult to access, and of course there’s changes in the way our brains process information, PTSD and anxiety, for example. There are definitely underdeveloped areas in our brain, especially if your trauma occurred very early in life. So being able to explore our brains/ spines would definitely bring is closer to an answer, and hopefully a cure. Whether it be a person whom has passed on and donated their body to science, or a living person whom is willing to go through all of the testing they can do from the “outside” looking in. But there has to be some sign of where Fibro stems from, and how it impacts us from there. I’m not against Meds in all aspects, but they are not the answer! Just a mere “Band-aid” placed over a gaping hole that is Fibromyalgia. I refuse to accept this as enough, and I will go on searching for as long as it takes. I’m suggesting that eating a healthy diet, checking for allergies, and trying to do without the muriad of pills, by only taking two or three of the main ones and trying to get by on the lowest dose possible, and you may feel a difference, a positive one. I’m not suggesting to make all of these changes at once, but to consider them, and work your way through it. I do have a lot of co-existing conditions, but I take very few meds, I’m just stubborn that way. I feel more like myself on less, so yes, I am in more pain than I would be if I took other meds, but then I’d be a zombie, and I’d rather be in pain, than brain dead (how I’d feel). This of course is my way of living, I only hope that others will find a lil relief like I have, by trying some of the things I’ve suggested. It’s not a gaurantee, just an idea I have. Thank you Kim, for asking the questions, and being an awesome advocate yourself. Love you 💜💋MJ


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