Our Life is Filled with Half Days

I came across this question, on another group I admin for. They asked, “Does anyone else have half days?”Meaning they run out of energy after only a few hours of being up/awake.

The spoon theory really comes into effect here, and this is my takeaway from it. We have to ration ourselves… decide what’s most important to accomplish each day, knowing our reserve is low. Do I take a shower, or do I do laundry, or dishes, or clean, or run errands, or decide to eat at a restaurant or at home; if I go to a restaurant, I’ll have to do some driving but no cooking or clean up, if I eat at home, I’ll have to cook and then I may be too tired to wash all of the dishes, so maybe I’ll just make soup, that’s easy enough; so then maybe I’ll have some energy left to read a book, nope, the book is too heavy and my hands hurt, so maybe I’ll just listen to an audio book or music. Everything we do, no matter how simple it may seem, steals a lil bit of energy from us, so shaving in the shower may have to wait, because you’ll need the energy to wash your hair. Yes, those minor things have become less than minor for us. Something the average person could not ever comprehend.

So if you need that nap, take it, our bodies need it, and we all know that sleep, REAL sleep, is so very damn hard to come by! Never feel guilty for what you can or can’t do! We each have our own limits, and this illness has six stages. So, you do “You” the best you know how! We are stronger than we appear, and our strengths come in many forms. We just have to navigate through them a lil’ more creatively 💜
Apologies, that turned into a bit of a rant, Haha! 🦋

You are not alone! Love you all 💞💋 MJ
Christine Miseradino’s article ‘The Spoon Theory: http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com
I share her article on my podcast. Here is the link for Episode #25 “The Spoon Theory” on YouTube:


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2 thoughts on “Our Life is Filled with Half Days”

  1. So true! When I first was married, I was still in my half days- I was awake and cognitive of what was going on – for about 4 hours. We adjusted my awake time so I would sleep during the day, be awake when my hubby got home, then back to bed. This was all his doing! And it worked. Now I cannot sleep and that is a demon in itself… excellent post and podcast MJ!~K.

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