“My Letter to You” 

My Dear Fellow Fibro Warriors
“Darling, I am so sorry…”
•Yes “sorry“, we use this word too often, I’m aware. But I truly feel that way, when I’ve missed something, or someone’s cry for help. I try to remember everyone, and reach out when I can, but alas, I am only one person, so I miss things unintentionally, and then inevitably I feel terrible, when I’ve discovered that I have…
“I wanted to see what was going on with you? I know you and I are not the best pals and that the distances between us are great, but please know that I’m here for you if you need a non-judgemental ear and/or shoulder.”
•That’s what we should do for each other, because not everyone will.
“No one, shares their true selves on social media, it’s let’s “keep up with the Joneses,” or “one upping,” or just simply putting a “pretty mask” over what we are all really dealing with. I am a private person, and I have only recently been able to share the truth with everyone on my FWmnn podcasts/blogs. It is with much trepidation that I share some things, especially when it comes to my children. That’s the toughest and most heartbreaking thing to share. But I know that sharing those things, can help others, as well as allow them to see that I am true and trustworthy, because in this climate and social media nonsense, people feel more disconnected than ever!”
•Our truths shall set us free…
“I feel what you are going through; been there, and I can’t honesty say, I will never be there again, because we just don’t really know what life will throw our way, at any given moment. Life is a crap shoot, and we just have to figure out how to navigate through this rocky terrain.”
•During our journeys, there will be flat/straight roads, but we should be here for each other during all of them, especially the toughest terrains. That’s when those less experienced will fall to the wayside.
“I hope that you haven’t let those less than worthy people in your life have any more of an impact than they F’n deserve! You are YOU, and no one can understand your trials and tribulations more than we can. You have to be knee deep in the crap, before you could even begin to have a concept of what strength it truly takes, to pull yourself up and out; when after all, it would be so much easier to just give in or give up! On my darkest days… I have to WORK to stay present, to stay around for my loved ones, whether they believe me, believe in me, or not. It’s so tormenting to know that the ones you love the most could seemingly care less. We have to climb up and out every day because our illnesses, etc., tear us down and try to put us under every night. I know how strong you are, and not just as a “woman” or a “man“, but as a person, whom tries to take on the world, helping those they can, while trying to stay possitive, sane, happy… all by ourselves.”
•We all try so hard to be present. So be proud of yourselves!
“You are not alone. You are loved, and I am here for you; if and when you need me. Love and hugs to you all, my darlings!”

“FYI, please feel free to share this with anyone because I am not afraid to speak my mind, nor share my thoughts with others! Remember to…
Be open, feel free to cry when you need, and then be the strong person we know we are!” 💋 💜 MJ
•This was mostly a message I had sent to a friend the other day, who is struggling like we are. But after writing it, I realized that this is how I feel for, and about, all of you! So this letter/message is to all of my fellow Fibro Warriors, young, old, male, female, every race, religion, orientation, etc., I am here, I love you, and with open arms I embrace you. You are my family, and you are truly not alone! Love you all 💜💋MJ

Recieved the new canvas of my logo! 💜

Author: FIBRO WARRIOR, My New Normal

Hello, I'm MJ the purple haired Fibro Warrior. I am a Podcast Host, Facebook Admin, Blogger, and Vlogger for 'FIBRO WARRIOR, My New Normal' My producers and I are here to help spread Fibromyalgia Awareness and information to you, as well as to those around us. I have had Fibromyalgia nearly my entire life, so I have a lot to share and say on the subject. Please join me in this journey, by allowing me to share your journeys, and simply by following, reading, liking and sharing my blogs/podcasts/vlogs so that we may reach others as well. All of which can be found on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FIBROWarriorMNN/ You are not alone... and neither am I! Love you all 💜💋MJ

6 thoughts on ““My Letter to You” ”

    1. It’s absolutely my pleasure Valerie! I’m happy that I’m at a place in my life, where I’m allowed the time, have had the experiences, and that it’s enabled me to reach out and help others like us, as well as those around us. In turn, I’ve recieved such love and support back. I have purpose again, and because of wonderful people like yourself, I’m aware that I’m making a difference. I have those moments, like we all do, where I doubt myself. So thank you sweetheart, for your message. It means the world to me 💜💋 MJ


  1. You have no idea of how much I needed to hear this. That ‘I have a purpose’ has touched my heart knowing that I too can and do try to help others. I put my heart out there, I feel the vibes given out by others and I can possibly help them deal with whatever it is they are dealing with at that moment in time. Thank you so much MJ. I’m so happy to be your friend, I’m so happy to have you in my life…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shannon, thank you so much for your sweet words. Yes, you can help others, and you’re amazing! I am so happy to have you in my life as well. You have no idea how much it means to me, when I receive such a heartfelt message like yours. We doubt ourselves often, and it just takes that one friend to remind you of who you are, and that you are making a difference. It may be one just person at a time, and that’s ok. I love you sweetheart! 💜💋MJ


  2. MJ, I ejyoyed your letter to all of us. You truly have a talent to make everyone feel better. Even on your really bad days you lift others up. When I am having a really bad day, I either stay quiet or ask for advice from others. I hope that tells you how much stronger and caring you are than I am. Thank you for being such a special freind and person.💜💋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mary darling, that doesn’t mean you’re not as strong as I am, just that we handle things in different ways. You’re are stronger than you realize, and you lift me up often as well, with your messages to me. I’m so happy you enjoyed my letter. I try to keep us all as positive as possible, we have enough already in our lives that brings us down. I love you dearly, thank you my sweet friend 💜💋MJ


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